Jane Lo Singleton

Jane Lo Singleton

BEd (Hons)

In the recent decade, her prime focus has been on ceramics whilst Chinese calligraphy has developed its supportive role: Disciplining in hand-built clay work whilst freeing emotions through decorations and glazing, spontaneously brushing English words or strokes of Chinese characters onto paper and clay.

The diary of her earth years is filled with art, poetry, food and flowers; reflective of day-to-day events, changing surroundings, seasons, travelling and people. Enjoying art practice from a young age; expressing herself through Chinese painting and calligraphy, cooking, collages, embroideries, copper tooling and mosaic.

Capturing images delights her heart, orchids and roses bloom in abundance at home and in her gardens. Chinese literature is deeply rooted in her whilst writing calms her, steadying her mind in ups and keeping her afloat through downs.

Jackson Pollock’s action paintings, Taro Okamoto's Tokyo museum, Georgia O'Keeffe’s calla lily, landscapes in Iceland, Niagara Falls, Architecture of Oman, views from flight journeys and many more impact upon her Raku fired and other pottery work.


At present, practising and teaching ceramics at Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute.